Your Telecom Services Partner

Your Telecom Services Partner

It’s simple. We take the hassle out of communications and connectivity. Elcom specializes in customizing services and plans for each client, so you can get a variety of products all in the same place. What can we do for you?



Shift your calling to the cloud with a flexible, scalable hosted PBX phone system. Take your phone number anywhere in the world, with low monthly rates and no costly up-front investment.

Voice & Data

Voice & DataT1 Lines

High-bandwidth T1 cables connect via internet to your phone system or router. Pure digital signal means superb voice call quality and fast, high-capacity data connections.



Plain Old Telephone Service has one HUGE advantage over internet-based systems: operating power is supplied directly through its own wires. Great for super-reliable emergency backup.



We can customize a solution that optimizies basic rates, saves on calls to select countires, and cuts costs for international calls to mobile phones—while maximizing voice quality and data capacity.



No more hassles negotiating—or renegotiating—mobile phone plans and contracts. We’ll set you up with the phone, carrier, and plan that’s right for you. One quick consult, then go pick up your device!

payroll & time

payroll & timerecording

Cut payroll preparation costs and complexity with hardware and software-based attendance and time reporting. Options include dedicated time clocks or integration with personal mobile devices.



We’ll discuss your particular needs, help you choose the best internet provider in your area, and expedite installation and service. Then we’ll support you through troubleshooting and upgrades.



When you need high-speed, reliable internet service that keeps inappropriate or dangerous content far away, call us. We offer proven solutions that maximize access and ensure your protection.



It’s not just “pay TV” anymore. Cable companies are a fast-growing source for home and business broadband phone and internet. We’ll help you navigate their complex plans and get you hooked up.



“The cloud” refers to data processing and storage provided over the internet as a service. Your favorite programs may be running on a far-off server. We’ll help choose reliable hosts for your vital business functions.



Want to stand apart from your competition? Join the big guys with your own custom toll-free phone number. Many options to choose from—we’ll help you choose and get you connected.

Credit card

Credit card& payment

Encourage purchasing and increase ticket amounts with simple, fast credit card and payment processing. There are dozens of new payment options—the more you accept, the more you benefit!

Ask us about Hosted PBX.

A Hosted PBX is a private branch exchange (PBX) delivered as a hosted service. It’s also known as a Virtual PBX and the advantages companies that use it experience are the elimination of installation, operation and maintenance costs of their VoIP PBX as their VoIP service provider hosts their PBX for them.

Ask us about Hosted PBX

Advanced & Flexible: Scale your telecom network as your business grows by adding more lines, extensions and devices without the limitations posed by older phone systems.

Reliable: No more lagging response or lapses in call quality.

Cost-effective: Less downtime means less repair and maintenance expenses. You get all the benefits of a traditional PBX without the high cost.

Take your office anywhere in the world or work from home.

Hosted pbx provides excellent reporting of calls, you track employee efficiency and also that it has great features that enhance customer service.

We also offer High-Speed Data services.

We also offer High-Speed Data services.

Efficient movement of data in and out of the office.

Dependable, consistent bandwith to support your business’s needs.

Enterprise cloud connectivity and computing.

Fast upload and download speeds.

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