Samuel & Chanie Ashkenasy

When we started our company Gold River Insurance we were a two man band. As we were growing , and we started having remote employees, our needs for a hosted VoIP system was vital. That was the only way we could communicate efficiently with our remote employees. A GOOD SALES AGENT from a big corporate company pulled us in, promising the world. But once we signed up (with a contract of course) every addition that was originally promised was now additional cost! To top it off every user added was liable to stay on contract and to be paid even if the user left and was no longer needed. Fast forward 3-4 years our bill grew to an enormous amount of over 4K a month!! When we met Eli Cohen and he introduced us to Dynalink Communications we were amused by the pricing and what we are getting from them. We almost did not believe it’s true and asked him to make sure it’s not the same surprise we had last time! Guess what?!?!!? They are giving us all those additions we had from our old phone system company (And even better) for the total of….. $400! Companies! Do yourself a favor and contact Eli Cohen and save money with great service!

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