Samuel & Chanie Ashkenasy

When we started our company Gold River Insurance we were a two man band. As we were growing , and we started having remote employees, our needs for a hosted VoIP system was vital. That was the only way we could communicate efficiently with our remote employees. A GOOD SALES AGENT from a big corporate company pulled us in, promising the world. But once we signed up (with a contract of course) every addition that was originally promised was now additional cost! To top it off every user added was liable to stay on contract and to be paid even if the user left and was no longer needed. Fast forward 3-4 years our bill grew to an enormous amount of over 4K a month!! When we met Eli Cohen and he introduced us to Dynalink Communications we were amused by the pricing and what we are getting from them. We almost did not believe it’s true and asked him to make sure it’s not the same surprise we had last time! Guess what?!?!!? They are giving us all those additions we had from our old phone system company (And even better) for the total of….. $400! Companies! Do yourself a favor and contact Eli Cohen and save money with great service!

Liz Sinnreich

“We had been customers with Elcom Communications for many years as a long-distance service provider and were very happy with their services. One day they approached us about our local service provider and informed us that we were paying too much for local calls. Elcom offered to take over our contract in order to lower the price. They handled the transition seamlessly and we now pay much less for both our local and long-distance charges! They were professional, moved quickly and were constantly attentive to our needs. We highly recommend them for your business or your home.”

Mendy Werdyger

“We were approached by Elcom with an offer to save us money by switching our long distance service. After hearing Mr. Cohen’s strong presentation of the company, we learned that by switching we would be saving substantially over what we were paying previously, while maintaining top quality, hassle-free service. Furthermore, we felt that we would be dealing with people dedicated to the customer on a personal level. In 2003 we added our local service as well and Elcom stepped up to the challenge and continued to assist us efficiently for all our added service needs. We can say that Elcom exceeded all our expectations and we have since then referred them to our customers.”

Shulem greenbaum

As a large school with multiple locations, it was especially important to use a top-notch telecom service for voice and data. We chose Elcom Communications to guide us in creating a complex, integrated solution with multiple providers. We now pay much less for both our voice and data! We highly recommend them for your business or your home.

Jacob lev

We were approached by Elcom in 2018 with an offer to upgrade our telecom service to “Hosted PBX”, an internet-based solution used by many of the world’s largest corporations. We learned that would be saving substantially over what we were paying previously, while receiving the highest-quality service. We are happy to say that Elcom exceeded all our expectations, and we confidently refer them to our customers.

Mendel rottenberg

As a large healthcare facility, it’s vital to have a high-quality, reliable telecom service. However, such a setup can be quite expensive. Elcom Communications proved to us that we can actually save a lot of money despite our unique needs and challenges. They handled the complicated installation without a hitch, and our monthly voice and data charges have been greatly reduced! They are professional and respond quickly and are constantly attentive to our needs, and we highly recommend them!