About Us

Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Elcom Communications is a leader in the telecom industry for businesses and residents looking to save money without compromising on their level of service, by building long-term relationships with each client and earning their trust.

Our area of specialization is in customizing services and plans for each client – essentially getting any product at one place without having to call several companies.

You also avoid having to shop around for prices because we deal with many companies so we can guide you in a way that is best for you.

In addition, we proactively provide customer service to help the clients avoid hassles and frustration. For example, we can set up the system to reroute calls in case of an outage to avoid interruption of service.

Elcom Business customers also appreciate the peace of mind that they have a designated contact for all their needs. Customers may encounter issues with implementing their service. We follow up throughout the process in order to prevent these issues from happening.

In addition, calling repair at a telecom company can be a nightmare for people if they have to stay on hold for a long time, and when they do get a live person, they may get cut off, or the customer service rep. may not be competent. We are able to guide them first by troubleshooting their issue, and if necessary, we will open a repair ticket with the company to expedite service.


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